The Brief

Create branding and packaging for a startup Portland-based venture by Unilever and a local maker Tom that appeals to the Portland blue collar,a econocultural coalition of growers, makers, teachers, & other hands-on, outdoorsy folk.

The Solution

A cute, quirky concept flavored by Portlands unique culture and the values shared by the target audience: a love of the outdoors and working with your hands.

Concept // Key Words

“Inspired by Plant & Process” // Organic, Minimal, Inviting

My Choices

A bold, classic font made more approachable thorugh soft edges and fun character. A badge style logo in honor of Portland’s design character.

To take inspiration from aerial photographs of the three primary crops involved in production to appeal to the hands-on target audience. 

To turn this visual into friendly, invitingly colored illustrations with gentle curves that pair well with the primary font choice.

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